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GDPR - Data Regulation Protection
General Data Protection Rules GDPR
As a basic rule , in order for somebody to use your personal data for a specific reason they have to have ensured your consent and , in many cases, your parents' consent.With this we mean that after you have been informed about our company that want to use your personal data , the reason for which we want to use your personal data and who we are about to share it with,then you have clearly accepted and agreed with this.
1. Basic points of the privacy policy
When you use our website we receive some personal information such as the model of the device used and your IP address.Your personal data (full name , e-mail address) that we collect before your first order ,is related to the compulsory creation of an account on our website for your better service and for the better operation of our company that relates to the high quality service ( purchase - delivery of the products). Additionally , your address and phone number are necessary for completing your orders and the shipping of your products while at the same time ΑΦΜ and ΔΟΥ are necessary for the sales documents of our products (this of course is about individuals/professional s who purchase through our website) . Through your settings you can restrict the way in which we use some of your personal data to check issues like your marketing preferences.
If you have any questions concerning this privacy policy , the way we collect and use your personal data or anything related to the GDPR you can contact us any time at info@khakidepot.com.
1.1. Information you share with us.
We require some information in order to provide you with our services concerning the sale and shipping of our products.
1.2. Basic account information
You are not obliged to give us your personal data in order to browse our website .If you purchase one or more of our products you have to provide us with specific personal data as mentioned above so that we can completely provide you with our services,
1.3. Contact details
Additionally, we make use of your contact details , your e-mail address and telephone number so as to maintain the safety of our service when we send you information concerning our services and deter spam, fraud and abuse . If you consent , you agree to receive text messages from us to your phone according to the Greek legislation. You can use your settings related to e- mail and mobile phones in order to control notifications you receive from us.You can also stop receiving notifications from us following the instructions of the notification.
1.4.Money transaction information
In case you decide to make a purchase using your credit or debit card you will move to the bank environment in order to buy one or more of our products.Your credit or debit card data is approved only by you and always within the bank environment,
In case you choose to purchase our products depositing money to our bank account you will have to give us information about money transaction including your bank account.Only people authorized by our company can have access to your bank account data.
2.Additional information we receive about you
We receive specific information when you make use of our services through our website or our mobile application.
More specifically :
2.1. Information concerning the location
Information about your current location which we receive through signals such as the IP address or your mobile settings related to our service .
According to your settings we may collect, use and save additional information concerning your location , i.e. your precise current location.
2.2. Links
In order to take advantage of our services we watch the way you interact with links of our services. If you click on an external link or one of our company's adverts the admin of the website can understand that it was from khakidepot.com,  along with other information related to the specific advert like characteristics of the target group.Others may use different personal data such as identifying cookies or your IP address.
A cookie is a little piece of data stored on your PC or your mobile device.Like many websites we also use cookies and such technologies for the collection of more website data use and for the proper function of our services . Altough most web browsing programs automatically accept cookies , settings of browsing programs can be set so as to prevent cookies or to warn you when a program tries to install a cookie on your computer . However , some of our services may not function properly if you deactivate cookies. When the browsing program or your device allows it we use cookies of a restricted period of time in order to better comprehend the way you interact with our services , to watch the overall standards of use and to present adverts as well.  
2.4. Register data
During your browsing in our website we receive several information / register data , including information such as your IP address , the kind of browsing program , the software , the reference site , the sites you have visited , the location , the mobile phone carrier , the device information (including the identifying devices and applications) the browsing terms and the cookies information. We use the register data in order to take advantage of our services and ensure their safe , reliable and powerful performance . 
2.5. Advertised and other advertisment partners
Concerning the existence of possible advertisment banners of khakidepot.com we use the information described in the present GDPR so as to make our advert more related to you as well as estimate its effectiveness. Our partners who work out an advert on our account take knowledge of the relevant information , such as the browsing program identifier cookies, the mobile device identifiers, the e-mail addresses , the demographic data or the actions that take place in a website or an application.
3.Personal Data that we provide with to third parties
3.1. Service providers
Ew use the services of other companies in order to be able to comprehend the use of our services like the Google Analysis. We can provide your personal data to the above service providers with the reservation of our obligations , as mentioned in the Privacy Policy , and under the condition that the third parties make use of your personal data only on your account and according to our instructions.
3.2. Common use
Ew do not sell or transfer your personal information . Altough we make all possible effort in order to maintain your privacy , we may need to reveal your personal information so as to respond to the legal requests of the public authorities such as matters of national security or the imposition of the law.Apart from that, we may reveal your personal information , as required by law, in order to comply to a law summon or other law procedure , when we believe in good faith that the revelation is necessary for the protection of our rights , for the investigation of fraud or the breach of the terms of the website or in order to respond to a government request.
3.3. Non personal information 
We may reveal non personal information , namely , gathered information concerning the total number of people who browsed in our website , or the people who clicked on a specific link , or the number of people who saw or clicked on our adverts.
4.Management of personal data
Users who have notified khakidepot.com in their personal data have the following rights:
The right to access any data in the possession of khakidepot.com concerning them
The right to object to the process of data concerning them
The right to be informed about (a)all the personal data concerning them  as well as the data's origin , (b) the reason of the process , (c) the development of the processing during the period since their last update or information , (d) the logic of automated processing , (e) the  points of correction , deletion or restriction (lock) of the data of which the process does not comply with the provisions of the law 2472/1997. the consent of the participants to the collection and process of the personal data can be withdrawn at any time but with no retrospective result.
the right of temporary judicical protection.
khakidepot.com obeys to all legal obligations.The subject of the personal data / user is entitled to ask , at any time , khakidepot.com to stop sending them relevant informative and advertising-promoting material.In order for the carrier of the personal data to use their right of objection provided by the law 2472/1997 , they have to ask in writting the Processing Engineer to take specific action , such as the correction of personal data concerning them , the temporary pause of its use and its transmission or its deletion.
In any case , the elements of the personal data sabject are maintained by our company only for the period of time that the personal data subject is a registered user of our website and these elements are directly deleted once the user is deleted.
5. Additional information
We are willing to answer any questions you may have concerning the content of the above mentioned Privacy Policy ,Please feel free to send any relevant question to info@khakidepot.com
Additionally , we inform you that the Process Engineer , that deals with your personal data is the company  
Khakidepot , owner of the website khakidepot.com headquartered.


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